Since the inception of LTE, we’ve been determined not to engage in empty talk when it comes to our social and environmental responsibility. The simple facts are these: sustainability in the travel industry is a complex tapestry of carbon offsetting and removal, wildlife and marine conservation, community programmes, education and more. It’s also an industry where greenwashing and superficial compliance are never far from the surface. Which brings us to our promise. Or, more specifically, our promises.

We commit to partnering with lodges, boats, and resorts that have a positive impact on their environments and communities. We commit to collaborating with those who uphold the principles of sustainable and ethical travel, in all its guises. We commit to actively seeking out sustainability managers, marine biologists, and scientists to keep us abreast of global sustainability practices and initiatives. We commit, too, to investing time in education around the topic; for us, our clients, and the communities in which we operate.

Sustainable travel is not a static thing, and we want the people who we work with to know that it will always be a key area for LTE. We see it as our collective responsibility, alongside our on the ground partners, to do what we can for the planet. After all, it’s the planet – all of its wonderful people, places, environments, experiences – that we want people to see, explore, and love.

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Protected Marine Areas


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Trees planted in Port Launay


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Species in Seychelles


What is sustainable luxury?

  • Contribute to wildlife conservation initiatives
  • Look for boutique travel experiences
  • Focus on community-based tourism
  • Stay in eco-chic accommodations
  • Look to informed travel advisors
  • Support innovative zero waste initiatives

Discover the Baa Atoll - A UNESCO Marine World Heritage Site

For nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and travellers seeking an unparalleled marine adventure, the Baa Atoll is a destination of wonder and significance. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it serves as a reminder of the vital need to protect and preserve our planet's delicate marine ecosystems, making it a must-visit destination for those who wish to experience the magic of the underwater world while contributing to its preservation

The atoll is renowned for being a popular feeding and breeding ground for majestic manta rays and gentle whale sharks. These awe-inspiring giants gracefully glide through the waters, offering unforgettable and ethereal encounters for lucky divers and snorkelers. Witnessing the gentle dance of these majestic creatures is a profound experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who venture to the Baa Atoll.

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Community Impact

Travel with a purpose; empower local communities through sustainable initiatives, ask us for more details on having a positive impact

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting empowers travellers to compensate for their carbon footprint, supporting climate projects that reduce emissions and foster sustainable practices, creating a greener future for our planet

We would highly recommend all our travellers do this. We work closely with Sustainable Travel International and urge you to look at their website and start making changes to the way you travel as even the smallest contributions matter.

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