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Introducing Love To Explore's Hotel Rating System

21 March 2024

We are thrilled to introduce our refined hotel rating system, a tool designed to elevate your travel experiences by offering a nuanced evaluation of accommodations. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the meticulous categorisation of our hotels, ensuring you find the perfect match for your unique preferences and expectations. Going forward you will find the Love To Explore rating added to all the properties showcased online, and here is an explanation of how we will categorise hotels. 

Categories and Criteria:

1. Economy: Basic Accommodation

For those seeking simplicity without compromising comfort, our Economy category provides basic yet comfortable accommodations. With ratings ranging around 3 stars, these properties offer the essentials for a pleasant stay at an affordable price.

2. Premium: Accommodation with a Touch of Luxury

Step into our Premium category for accommodations that blend comfort with a touch of luxury. These 4-star properties offer a premium service experience, providing you with a range of facilities while maintaining an affordable price point. 

3. Business Class: Entry Level 5* Properties with Abundant Facilities

Experience the perfect synergy of luxury and practicality in our Business Class category. These entry-level 5-star properties boast a wealth of facilities, coupled with outstanding food and service. Ideal for travellers and those seeking a bit more indulgence during their stay.

4. First Class: The Epitome of Luxury

For the pinnacle of opulence, our First-Class category showcases the best of the best. These higher-end 5-star properties redefine luxury with exceptional food, top-notch service, and state-of-the-art facilities. Prepare to be immersed in an unparalleled level of sophistication and comfort.

With our personalised hotel rating system, we invite you on a journey of tailored luxury. From basic yet comfortable economy options to the pinnacle of opulence in our First-Class category, we are dedicated to enhancing every aspect of your stay. Trust us to provide you with an unforgettable experience, no matter your chosen category.

Whether you opt for the simplicity of Economy or the lavishness of First Class, our commitment to quality ensures exceptional experiences at every level, meeting and exceeding your expectations.

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