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72 Hours at Lakaz Chamarel

21 February 2024

Lakaz Chamarel is a mountain lodge in the South West of Mauritius. It’s more than that, though. A beautiful example of how somewhere can blend into its environment, if there’s one thing the hotel stands for, it’s the natural world. The lodge itself sits at the base of one of Mauritius’ most prominent peaks, the Piton Canot, and is surrounded by lush gardens with views towards the ocean. For the beady-eyed amongst the guests, Lakaz Chamarel and the surrounding Black River Gorges national park is home to a number of bird species, many of which have been saved from the brink of extinction: keep an eye out for kestrels, pink pigeons and green parrots in particular.

This is a gorgeous place to start a trip to Mauritius, with an abundance of hikes on offer so that visitors to the island can really earn their relaxing beach days to come. We’ve drawn up our perfect 3 days at Lakaz Chamarel; we think the itinerary has a little bit of everything and shows that, even in just 72 hours, there’s a lot to pack into this slice of mountain heaven.

Day 1

13:30 – arrive at the resort and soak up your new surroundings.

16:00 – after a long flight, there’s no better way to stretch the legs than a walk up to Pinot Canot. The trail starts from the hotel and is clearly marked by a path to the top. At only 1 mile, it’s not too tough, either, but it’s just enough to work up a thirst…

17:00 – head to View Bar for the best sunset seat in the house. Keep an eye out for the fruit bats that start their day around this time and wash it all down with one of Mauritius’ iconic Phoenix beers.

18:30 – shower and change before supper in the hotel’s restaurant. With a menu from Chef Eddy that specialises in Mauritian products cooked ‘comme la kuisine d’antan’ (the old fashioned way), expect a meal of seafood, Asian flavours and European twists.

Day 2

08:00 – take an early trip to Seven Coloured Earth to avoid the crowds. These rippling sand dunes in the Chamarel Plain are a marvel of the natural world. Made up of seven distinct colours, the patterns of which are constantly shifting, Seven Coloured Earth is stripy, surrealist wonder.

10:00 – make the short journey to Ebony Forest to take in views from above the canopy, wander along walkways through the treetops and catch a glimpse of some of the 130,000 endemic species on display in this stunning conservation area.

12:30 – time for an early bite at Le Chamarel, where premium Creole cuisine vies for centre stage with jaw-dropping views. This is one of our favourite spots on the island, where diners enjoy some of the best authentic Mauritian flavours around, surrounded by the sights and sounds of both the forest and the ocean.

15:00 – we recommend not rushing lunch but, once digested, cycle or taxi over to Rhumerie de Chamarel to sip on some of the island’s best local spirits. There are guided tours on offer, too, for those who want a more in-depth history of one of Mauritius’ most well-known estates.

17:00 – totter back to the hotel for a siesta and another meal in Lakaz Chamarel’s wonderful restaurant.

Day 3

06:00 – set your alarm early for one of Mauritius’ most iconic experiences: a hike at Le Morne. Topping out at over 500 metres, this slab of rock is intrinsically linked with the island and, for those feeling adventurous, summit hikes are possible. For those who prefer a more sedate option, hikes in the surrounding area are also available.

10:00 – settle in for a well-earned brunch at Wapalapam, where our favourites include the Green Papaya Salad, to die for Sweet Chilli Prawns and the restaurant’s homemade chocolate ice cream. Wash it all down with a Ti Punch cocktail – you’ll deserve it.

12:00 – strap into a seaplane for spectacular views of where you’ve walked in the morning. An extraordinary experience above Le Morne, be sure to ask the pilot to point out some of the area’s famous spots. For those who prefer their activities closer to sea level, there’s also world-class kitesurfing (and instruction) available nearby.

16:00 – head back to the hotel for a flop by the pool and, for any aching muscles, a massage with one of the lodge’s professional wellness therapists.

18:30 – enjoy a final pre-dinner drink in the bar and a meal in the hotel to digest a wonderful three days.

For more information, or to plan your own stay at Lakaz Chamarel, please contact us.

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