Bird Island is a unique property and there is a reason guests return frequently over the years. Set on a remote private island, roughly an hours flight from Mahé, Bird Island is named for their abundant bird life. It is widely known for the Sooty Tern Colony, with around 1.5 million Sooty Terns arriving to nest on the island in April and May. Beyond the Sooty Terns, Bird Island is home to a variety of resident birds and is frequently visited by migrant birds who fly south from Europe for warmer climates. Beyond the birdlife, Bird Island is also home to a number of friendly freely roaming Giant Tortoises, including Esmerelda – thought to be in his 70’s now, and the world's heaviest free roaming giant tortoise. The island enjoys beautiful, untouched beaches, each with powder soft sand. Guests may even be lucky enough to see Green and Hawksbill Turtles using the quiet beaches for nesting.  Snorkelling from the island is excellent, with vibrant coral and tropical fish alongside octopi, turtles and crustaceans. Accommodation at Bird Island is simple, with spacious self catering villas featuring large living spaces and fully equipped kitchens. There is a small store on the island for groceries as well as a restaurant which serves traditional Seychellois meals every evening. It is hard to describe how special Bird Island is and a stay at Bird island is sure to be memorable.

At Love To Explore we would recommend the resort for these unique selling points:

  • Untouched beaches
  • Incredible birdlife
  • Relaxed private island

“A unique island that is a must visit for nature lovers”


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